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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eating out.

I live in New York City and I eat out often. There are so many restaurants within a few blocks of where I live that I would never be able to try them all. While eating out/ordering in isn't cheap, the cost difference after factoring in my horrible cooking skills, my time, and the ridiculous prices Food Emporium charges just isn't that great.

There are a few sites that I frequently visit to help me decide where to eat and how to eat there cheaply. I want to share them with you.

Restaurant.com - Helps me save $20 if the restaurant participates (less than $5 for a $25 gift cert with discount codes and fatcash). See my previous post here for more information.

Opentable.com - For making reservations. I've used this site countless of times and I highly recommend it. On top of saving your time, there is a reward points program that allows you to save extra money (sometimes $10) if you show up to your reservations.

Menupages.com - Great site for taking a glimpse at the menu before you dine. Also great for ordering delivery from places you have never been to! Most restaurants in NYC seem to be listed here, and they recently just expanded to cover San Francisco and Boston. Has helpful reviews too.

Citysearch.com and Gayot.com - both review sites that help me decide if a restaurant is worth trying out or not. On top of that, they both integrate with Opentable.com.

I hope that helps. While some of those sites only apply to Manhattan, restaurant.com and opentable.com both work nationwide. I highly recommend them both. I was even able to use opentable.com when I was traveling over the winter holidays in Vancouver!

Are there any other sites that you would recommend?


Blogger Mr. Bear said...


i've actually read this a couple of times before and only now i've been told who you are,

i like it

opentable.com is indeed very useful

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Foodie Universe said...

This site is based in Los Angeles, but since your blog deals with money, you probably have readers from all over the country.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, http://www.restaurantplace.com is another site.

11:19 AM  

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