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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stuck at work and want updates on the World Cup?

I've been pleasantly surprised by how well the underdog teams have played so far. Trinidad and Tobago held out for an emotional undermanned draw. Togo (the lowest FIFA ranked team) managed to score, something France couldn't do in THREE games four years ago. Overall, it's been fun to watch.

However, since most of us are going to be at work while the World Cup matches are being played, watching the games on tv live will be tough. Instead I'll share some of the sites that I use to follow along with the live matches.

FIFA World Cup site

New York Times World Cup Blog
A live blog as the matches are being played. Well written with fast and frequent updates. Interesting comments also.

BigBadBobby writes that you can get text message updates from this site:
"Check out 4INFO's World Cup Text Alerts. Send "world cup" or "usa" to 44636, or visit their World Cup page. At least you can get a text message after every goal."

Soccernet, espn, sportsline, etc, also have their own match commentaries.

One more thing, Fanuch shares a site with great downloadable spreadsheets and charts to keep track of all the results.

The two remaining games this afternoon are going to be interesting. I want to see if France can break free from their poor performance of last World Cup and if Brazil is as good as everyone thinks they are.


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