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Monday, March 13, 2006

Why I don't update often.

I try not to post quick links to articles, deals, etc as that is a waste of my time. I also don't post my monthly networth or intimate financial details. There are plenty of sites out there already that do that. This blog isn't about generating traffic (and subsequently more ad clicks). This blog isn't my second job or income like some others. I am not trying to monetize my readership, however patheticly small that is :P

My goal for this blog is to present to you a unique perspective and analysis on personal finance that you won't find elsewhere. Sometimes I post and point out how other bloggers are wrong. Other times I try to probe deeper and analyze an article or idea that I found interesting. I also sometimes try to share some personal tips and methods that I've figured out. The idea is that my posts should be more unique and thoughtful than simple "ING rates went up, click here." posts that you often see elsewhere.

Therefore, to get updates for when I post, I suggest you subcribe to my RSS feed here. Upcoming posts will include the 2nd part of my article on tax rates around the world and a post about the CFA program (I am currently studying for level 2), along with my usual ramblings. I also have some books to review, but the priority on those are low.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the only thing that I really do update often is the restaurant.com coupon code on the right side bar. I use restaurant.com a lot and I just check my blog for the latest code. If you're not familiar, please read this post.

Feel free to email me if you have any suggestions for this blog!


Blogger GEOMATRYX said...

Now RSS feed sound like a good idea... Anyway I like your choice of blog topics, informative too

12:28 AM  

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