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Friday, May 26, 2006

Who doesn't want free food?

Today's the last day for the $50 Freshdirect.com promotion I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Be sure to place your order by today!

Once you're done with your first order, remember to place your second order by 6/16 to get your second $25 off!

Here are the codes once again: FIRSTFREE for $50 off first two orders (new customers) and FREEDELTRY for free delivery (existing customers).

Oh and one more way to save on food: using fatwallet cash back and restaurant.com

The latest restaurant.com code is on the right hand column!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baby boomers will lead to stock crash?

Two weekend trips to California and the CFA test coming up on June 3rd means there won't be much time for me to post.

However, here's an article that interested me:

Will the stock market crash from baby boomers pulling their money out?

This Economist article presents two competing arguments. I personally side with Mr. Milken. From my personal observation, it seems that baby boomers are now expecting to live longer than they originally thought. Maybe it's the better health care or maybe it's the increasing social participation and acceptance of the elderly (as older people constitute a larger proportion of the population, the stigma and negative connotations of being "old" is reduced); whatever it is, to me it seems like there's a general sense of optimism as older people continue on with the rest of their lives. As such, I don't foresee any mass exodus from the stock market - baby boomers will still need to invest and grow their retirement porfolios, especially since retirement will now last longer than before.

Mr. Siegal's "great hope" of developing countries offsetting any shortfall in domestic demand in assets is a key point that needs reiterating. As developing countries get richer, their investors will soon need to put their money somewhere (developing countries might not have a robust stock market). This growing global pool of investors could more than offset any outflow created by baby boomers - the question is, would foreign investors put their money into US assets? Consider: transparent, well regulated markets and well managed companies vs. declining dollar, huge foreign debt, and negative foreign image. All this remains to be seen.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

$50 free food! From freshdirect.com!

UPDATE again (2/25/2009): I have just launched my new NYC specific money saving website that talks specifically about Fresh Direct coupon codes and NYC related deals! Visit and bookmark NYC Money! There you will find the latest Fresh Direct coupon codes (and there are many right now since the economy is tanking).

UPDATE: This is an old post. Newer freshdirect.com deals will be contained in newer posts. Bookmark justanothermoneyblog.blogspot.com to stay notified!

This is for us living in NYC. Walking out of Circuit City the other day, I picked up one of these little business cards indicating two promotions that freshdirect.com is offering.

Freshdirect.com is offering $50 in free food for first time customers! Use the code "FIRSTFREE" at the checkout screen, and get $25 off each of your first and second orders. The minimum purchase required is $40 per order. Even after the $5 delivery fee, you are still getting your groceries for almost 50% off.

I personally just ordered a lot of drinks. You can't beat the fact that someone will deliver heavy (and heavily discounted) drinks right up to my apartment!

And for those that are existing customers, you can use the code "FREEDELTRY" for free delivery. Not bad if you use freshdirect.com anyways!

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Carnival time. 46.

The latest Carnival of Personal Finance is up!

Only one post stood out to me this week and it was a post about porfolio allocation.

The Real Returns and his analogy of singles and home runs to stocks. Especially fascinating to me was the calculation that showed how $8000 invested at 10% is equivalent to $1000 invested at 16% (both over 40 years). Unfortunately, he doesn't have the answer as to how to properly allocate one's porfolio with those numbers in mind.

One more thing, I'm going to visit Ninja New York as a follow up to my earlier post about unique dining experiences this weekend. I'll post about it sometime next week!