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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How to save over 64% on movie tickets!

I've been saving at least 50% off my movie tickets for the past year or so and I assumed most people knew about this "trick". But after reading the comments over on MyMoneyBlog's post about saving $100, it occured to me to share this little gem.

To save money, I buy fandango gift codes on ebay. Here is an example, $8.70 for 2 tickets. In NYC, it costs me $12.25 for a movie ticket (including the $1.50 convenience charge). Paying $8.70 for TWO tickets means I end up paying only $4.35 per ticket - saving me 64.5%! Even if you don't have to pay $12+ for a ticket (consider yourself lucky), $4.35 per ticket should still reflect some substantial savings.

Some words of caution however. You have to make sure that fandango.com sells tickets to your favorite theatre. You also have to double check the restrictions on the gift codes. Some of them expire soon, and some of them are only for "R" rated movies. In my experience, the sellers tend to email you the codes within a couple of hours; buy them in advance if you can't wait.

FYI, here's the search terms I use on ebay: fandango tickets.

I hope this helps! If you know any other ways to save, feel free to share!

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