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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

North Korea - what is it really like??

With their recent test missile launch, stories about North Korea are dominating the media again. We know North Korea is ruled by a dictator by the name of Kim Jong-Il (remember him from Team America World Police?). We know North Korea has nuclear ambitions and capabilities. We know it's a dangerous place, etc etc.

But have you noticed, all the reports are just based off of how crazy and dangerous Kim Jong-Il is, and how his people are starving and suffering as a result of his lunacy? Think about it, we really don't know what North Korea is like. How do North Koreans live? What do their cities look like? Is everyone really starving and living off their fields?

I recently stumbled upon two photo essays that I'd like to share with you. One is by Time Magazine, cleverly titled "Exposing North Korea". This one is very professional, every picture seems to be perfectly thought out and choreographed.

The other one is a less professional, and is taken by a Russian web designer by the name of Artemii Lebedev. These pictures are simply stunning and candid, as they are forbidden pictures (the North Korean Government apparently tries to control what pictures you can take). The pictures are here, and the translated version is here.

I hope you enjoyed those pictures as much as I did. It certainly makes the secret North Korean society a little more human.

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